Find the volunteer talent within your school community

From the discussion on the survey results many people where asking for Volunteer form template that helps gauge how the broad school community can help. A big thank you to Janet from Highland Reserve State School who raised the idea and has shared the form they have used.

You can download it here: 2015 – Active Parent Helper Form – Highland Reserve SS P&C

Including a form like this in the Prep package that goes out to all parents of new preppy’s will likely get more responses and help new parents integrate with the P&C and school community. Another suggestion given at the P&Cs Qld Met East Area Meeting was to include on the form their just one thing to prioritize what they will do so the same people are not called on for everything.

Our P&C had taken on the same initiative. Wondall Heights SS P&C President Mark wrote this one you can download here.

2015 – Skills Assessment Form – Wondall Heights SS P&C

Ours only went out to parents at the start last week, so we are yet to see the effectiveness of our survey. It would be great if P&Cs who use these templates or modified ones report back here on how much response they get. This way we can optimize the form as a community to be more engaging and have better outcomes.

If your P&C has a form of their own you would like to share it please contact me on the About page and I can link it in this post or add a link in the comments. If you have ideas on how to improve the questionnaire, please share in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Find the volunteer talent within your school community

  1. Thanks Janet and Matthew. We instigated a similar form this year, and it rustled up a few extra volunteers plus some sponsorships we may not have had otherwise. It hasn’t been a ‘magic cure’ but has been a useful addition to a suite of approaches to recruiting volunteers and building community. I think we’ll be making a few adjustments based on feedback we’ve received from our community and the examples here.


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